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Vibrant rituals


Upcoming sessions in Barcelona

  • 27 Jul 2024, 17:00 – 21:00
    Barcelona, Sant Andreu, 08030 Barcelona, España
    Te invitamos a nuestro tercer workshop transformador -RESPIRA SIENTE Y CONECTA- en Barcelona. 16 cupos. Un evento transformador diseñado para explorar la poderosa sinergia entre el cuerpo, la mente y el espíritu.
  • 07 Aug 2024, 20:00 – 08 Aug 2024, 22:00
    Tribu BCN , C/ del Rec, 75, Ciutat Vella, 08003 Barcelona, España
    Una combinación única de técnicas que liberan tensiones, promueven la relajación profunda, la creatividad y la transformación interior. Fusionando breathwork, sonidos binaurales, una ceremonia de cacao, biomagenistmo y cristales nos proporcionando un viaje de sanación profunda.

Essenza di Vita


Hello! Am Jennifer, the mind and soul behind Essenza. My journey towards creating these magical and powerful rituals has been a journey of self-discovery and transformation. At one point in my life, I felt lost and disoriented, until I discovered the power of practices like conscious breathing, kundalini activation, and biomagnetism. These tools helped me reconnect with myself Essenza di Vita, and now I am committed to sharing this gift with other seekers of its true essence.

Through Essenza, I create a sacred space where souls can find support, inspiration and guidance on their spiritual journey.
Every practice and ritual I share is designed to help you awaken your deepest potential and discover the magic that lies deep within your being. My goal is to guide you on a journey of personal growth and transformation, where you can discover your true Essenza and live a full and authentic life.

I invite you to join me on this journey towards the expansion of being. Through Essenza, you can discover the beauty and magic that resides in every moment, and transform your life into an authentic expression of your true self.
Hope to see you on the road!

With love and gratitude, Jennifer

The Breath Act
AKA Kundalini
School of Metaphysics
Escuela de Misterios
Registros Akashikos
personal transformation

benefits of your session 

Deep Emotional Release

Spiritual Connection and Growth

Energy Balance

Mental Clarity and Vitality

Personal Transformation

singing personal transformation

"Guiding Essenza sessions in my life is an honor that fills me with happiness and gratitude.
I feel deeply connected to each person who shares this journey with me,
and holding safe and loving spaces is my greatest joy.
I give all my love and commitment to guide you on your path to healing and self-discovery."


petals, meditate, personal transformation

Beautiful Jenny, 
I have no words to explain to you the beautiful experience you allowed me to live, and I really have no words and I feel so so so lucky. What a perfect experience, every part of the session was beautiful, the music, the ritual, the altar, the trip 🪐💘!! You were born to do this, there is no doubt in my mind, your voice, your accompaniment, your confidence and energy... I admire you very much. Thank you infinitely, may life multiply you infinitely.

Paulina Alvarez, Guatemala


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